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Made in Canada means ethical, sweatshop free manufacturing

All our products are 100% made on Canadian soil, under socially conscious manufacturing practices. We've partnered with a family-owned apparel supplier that knits, dyes, cuts, and sews every garment in Toronto, Ontario. Our label manufacturer is one of the last remaining in Canada. Both suppliers are committed to staying in Canada while most other manufacturers have moved overseas to exploit cheap labour.

Like us, these businesses firmly believe in the quality of Canadian labour and the necessity for humanity in employment. They conduct all their manufacturing in bright and airy premises with fair wages and complete medical and dental coverage. Their employees are friends and family and are considered partners in their success.

We intentionally choose our suppliers because we believe in the ethics of fair labour and the quality of Canadian craftsmanship.

Everyday, classic staples

You know what they say: buy quality, buy less.

These are the lasting staples that every wardrobe needs. Whether you're dressing up or just lounging around—you can feel at home wherever you are with comfortable, timeless styles.

Sustainable by design

Green throughout our supply chain

Being environmentally conscious is an inherent part of our business model. Our apparel supplier uses state-of-the-art knitting machines to reduce energy consumption, their dye house uses only nontoxic materials, and their cutting and sewing department recycles upwards of 10% of their textile waste.

Our packaging is 100% compostable, and instead of the typical plastic covering every item, we use recycleable tissue paper. We even sweat the small things, like reusing boxes between from our suppliers.

Eco-friendly materials (with benefits)

A portion of our apparel line is made from bamboo. Bamboo does not require fertilizers or pesticides for cultivation and it grows rapidly and profusely without depleting the soil. It has a lower environmental impact than pesticide-laden conventional cotton and petroleum-derived nylon fabrics. Bamboo is also a superior fabric in terms of softness and functionality. It is naturally moisture wicking and anti-bacterial, allowing it to repel odours and toxins. It's even hypo-allergenic and UV resistant.

Offsetting carbon emissions from shipments

For every order, we automatically neutralize the environmental impact of shipping it to your door. We've partnered with Pachama, a best-in-class organization for offset protocols and standards. Our contributions are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Project in the Amazon Rainforest.

The Jari Pará Project is a forest conservation effort. It reduces potential greenhouse gas emissions by protecting a rainforest (almost twice the size of Luxembourg) that otherwise would have been destroyed. It is a REDD+ project designed to stop the clear-cutting practices that are causing the loss of so much rainforest today. Learn more about this project →

Compostable packaging

Every order is shipped in a 100% compostable mailer. Add it to your at-home compost and it will enrich the soil with plant food over 6 months until it completely decomposes.

Compare that to regular plastic mailers which take over 500 years to decompose.

The world’s most widely used voluntary green house gas program.

Certification No: CU805428GOTS-042015
Registration No: CU 805428

Pachama is a leader in carbon offset protocols and standards.