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About us

Made in Canada means ethical, sweatshop free manufacturing

All our products are 100% made on Canadian soil, under socially conscious manufacturing practices. We mills, dye, cut, and sew every garment in Toronto, Ontario. Our label manufacturer is one of the last remaining in Canada. We are committed keeping production in Canada while most other manufacturers have moved overseas to exploit cheap labour.

We firmly believe in the quality of Canadian labour and the necessity for humanity in employment. Our staff conducts all their manufacturing in bright and airy premises with fair wages and complete medical and dental coverage.

We intentionally choose this path because we believe in the ethics of fair labour and the quality of Canadian craftsmanship.


"Unlike many in the fashion industry, Good For Sunday gives its local production staff a living wage, health benefits and a safe working environment"
-Toronto Star

"Good for literally any day of the week"
-Elle Canada

Rated "Good" on globally recognized brand sustainability directory, Good On You

"Feel-good prints and easy-breezy silhouettes that steal the show"

"The It List: BodyBreak is back thanks to stylish collaboration"
-National Post

"Good For Sunday x BodyBreak is a trip down memory lane"
-Fashion Magazine

What goes into our pricing?

We did the math. Learn about how manufacturing in Canada affects the economics of our small business.

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Everyday, classic staples

You know what they say: buy quality, buy less.

These are the lasting staples that every wardrobe needs. Whether you're dressing up or just lounging around—you can feel at home wherever you are with comfortable, timeless styles.

Sustainable. From A to Z(ed).

Learn about our commitment to sustainability through the materials we use and our shipping, packaging, and business practices.

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Supporting important causes

Clothing with a message

Many of our pieces aim to bring awareness to important causes such as ocean conservation and mental health.

Our "Save the Ocean" line donates $5 of every purchase to Sea Shepherd, an organization dedicated to defending, protecting, and conserving our oceans.

A quick thank you

We're a small business trying to do good things.

Each time you shop with brands like us, you're supporting a future where sustainable, purposeful products become the norm—not the exception.

Thank you for supporting local communities, ethical manufacturing, and a few people with a dream.

💚 Good For Sunday team

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