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Ethical clothing manufacturing

Manufacturing in Canada isn't easy. But it's right.

Did you know that a t-shirt manufactured and imported from overseas can cost a retailer $5.67, and of that cost, only $0.12 goes to factory workers?¹ The hard truth is that low price clothing is at the expense of human dignity.

Some brands claim they still ensure ethical environments with their manufacturing partners overseas, but the reality is many of those countries have lax or inhumane labour laws, making the standard for "good" treatment considerably lower than North American practices.

So while moving our manufacturing outside of Canada would surely increase our bottom line, we intentionally take the hard road because we know it's the right one.

¹ Macleans

Us vs. Them

We did the math. Let's look at how we spend $100 versus comparable brands.


For us, the cost of labour in Canada is the biggest expense when breaking down pricing for any of our products. But we don't mind—it's the expense we're proudest of.

This cost funds the wages, medical and dental health benefits, and safe and comfortable working environment for our production staff in Toronto.


When compared against brands that use similar sustainable materials and quality finishings as us, we take home less profits. This is mostly due to the higher cost of our labour.

We feel this is important for our customers to be aware of, especially considering our pricing is close to or on par with slow fashion brands that don't manufacture in Canada.


For fashion brands, materials are often one of the most expensive parts of production.

Our material expenses are higher than comparable brands because of the high quality, sustainable materials we use.


This expense is associated with the shipment of your order. And this doesn't even include the labour and warehousing fees for packing and storing products.

Every time we ship a package it costs us about $14 for each trip.


In today's fast-paced world, getting in front of consumers is one of the largest challenges small businesses face.

For us, this cost goes towards advertising and finding potential customers that are interested in what we stand for.

Sustainably made

From eco-friendly materials to responsible packaging, learn more about the way we've built sustainability into the core of our collection and business practices.

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